With the resignations of journalists such as Anam, what Canadian media loses, and indeed all of Canada right down to the maturity of this state, is written material that connects with a large portion of the true suffering of a vast population of people that live, work, struggle, suffer, love, and die here. I used to read Manisha Krishnan's articles on the Vice Canada website (the only writing that seemed to be worth reading there) until she wrote an article related to elections which were called where she interacted with university experts. Everything that she wrote after that failed to connect, and I soon lost all interest in investing my time.

Whether it be articles on Race, Color, Gender, Sexuality, Caste, Religion - I ignore Canadian media altogether for issues that actual concern me with regards to my true suffering and my only intent, as a student of Buddhadhamma, to attain full awakening for the benefit of all sentient beings. The love that one has to encompass in order to engage in journalism that can lead to a sense of connection to another's suffering is strikingly deficient in Canada, as compared to work by Dalit people, Black people, Indigenous peoples. This starvation of love has led to a cruel, callous, childish and immature population that is constantly traumatized and engages in traumatization. Without sufficient love, nobody can struggle towards a truth worth sharing and teaching.

Canada is in a shameful state and has been failing its citizens, especially those who value truth and love, especially those who are non-violent and peaceful.

Thank you, Anam.

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Thank you for writing this, Anam. 😊

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This was so needed. I loved reading it, so heartfelt. As an Educator I can so relate to your article. May this year bring joy and fulfillment to all.

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